For those more advance riders we offer lessons in training your horse -for those who wish to gain a much deeper understanding of how to manipulate their horses body as separate parts for a better quality of movement and to gain more effective communication with their horse.
‚ÄčLessons will include not only horsemanship, but will also include techniques on how the rider may better manipulate their horse to create more efficient communication between rider and their mount.



Staloff Performance Horses' training program concentrates on creating a resistance free and highly responsive animal. It is the Staloffs' firm belief that all finished horses should be a pleasure to ride, whether destined for a competitive show career or simply used for recreation.

Staloff Performance Horses specialize in western style horse training, riding lessons and boarding. As formally educated equestrian professionals, the Staloff's help their clientele maximize their competitive potential and their overall equine competence. Staloff Performance Horses' customize their training programs to meet each client's specific needs and are dedicated to both exceptional animal care and customer service.

"Confidence comes from successful repetition" - Jeff Van Gundy