Staloff Performance Horses

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Sales - We offer a variety of options in which our goal is to match the right horse with the rider/owner. Whether we have the right horse already or we need to locate the right one for you. It's our priority to find a horse that suits your needs, wants, and riding level. In addition, we can accommodate owners that are in need of selling a horse prior to buying a new one (as space allows).

Lessons - ​Lessons will include not only horsemanship, but will also include techniques on how the rider may better manipulate their horse to create more efficient communication between rider and their mount.

                   Lessons in horsemanship - available to beginner to advanced in Reining, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Showmanship, Western Riding and Trail. 

Lessons in training your horse - For those more advance riders who wish to gain a much deeper understanding of how to manipulate their horses body as separate parts for a better quality of movement and to gain more effective communication with their horse.

​Training - Training is offered for horses to show in classes including Reining, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Showmanship, Western Riding, Trail as well as recreational use.

                    In addition, Staloff Performance Horses' offers colt breaking as well as behavioral modifications for those horses that have posed to be more difficult in a variety of ways. All breeds and disciplines welcome. 

                    Staloff Performance Horses' training program concentrates on creating a resistance free and highly responsive animal. It is the Staloffs' firm belief that all finished horses should be a pleasure to ride, whether destined for a competitive show career or simply used for recreation.